🌊 We, the Ocean

Writing & Direction β€” 2021 | MUST

🌊 We, the Ocean
The Ocean and Jules Verne are having a picnic, of sorts. You’re invited. Here, your teaspoons become schools of fish and your teacups become icebergs. The Ocean can’t speak. Verne won’t stop. You want to know: how do we save the world?

We, the Ocean is an adaptation of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas which I made with Georgie Wolfe, Amanda Dhammanarachchi, Sarah Matthews, and Meg Heathcote. Development was supported by Monash Uni Student Theatre with mentoring from Daniel Lammin.


Amanda Dhammanarchchi β€” Deviser & Performer
Sarah Matthews β€” Writer & Performer
Ryan Hamilton β€” Director & Writer
Georgie Wolfe β€” Director & Designer
Anusha Yellapragada β€” Vocals, Saxophone, Flute
Daniel Parr β€” Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet, Effects
Yael Zamir β€” Flute, Sax 
Malakai Tokovic β€” Guitar, Effects 
Noah Koschade β€” Semi-Modular Synth 
Hugh Cowie β€” FX and ΒΌ Inch Jack 
Rama Jordon β€” Vocals, Guitar, Percussion 
Alex Spicer β€” Piano, Sax
Meg Heathcote β€” Movement Direction
Jaimi Houston β€” Promo & Show Photography

Thanks to Meg Heathcote, Jaimi Houston, Anusha Yellapragada, Daniel Parr, Yael Zamir, Malakai Tokovic, Noah Koschade, Hugh Cowie, Rama Jordan, Alex Spicer, Seamus Allen, Paris Balla, Ashleigh Basham, Rose Bassett, Maddie Burgess, Adele Cattenazzi, Callum Cheah, Patrick Clements-Cramp, Leanne Evans, Peter Hamilton, Emily Keagan, Fleur Kilpatrick, Daniel Lammin, Jason Lehane, Gemma Livingstone, Nicola MacDonald, Tiernan Maclaren, Kate Matthews, Sam Pringle, Jarryd Redwood, Enya Rickert, Oliver Scholast, Freya Solnordal, Nathaniel Svanosio, Geo Valentine, Yvonne Virsik