🐸 The Commonwealth of Kekistan

Producer β€” 2020 | Butterfly Club

🐸 The Commonwealth of Kekistan
Welcome to the Commonwealth of Kekistan, a nation founded on Right-Wing principals; full of Red Pill science and philosophy, a Fair Go (TM) for everyone, and of course, dank memes. Don’t forget your passport.

Amanda Dhammanarachchi wrote The Commonwealth of Kekistan as an exploration of how people fall into the alt-right, and how they escape it. We staged an early version of it in my cramped living room in Murrumbeena, and then took it to the Butterfly Club. The second production added music, cast members, AV, and even received a death threat.


Amanda Dhammanarachchi | Writer
Geo Valentine | Director
Patrick Clements | Stage Manager
Ryan Hamilton | Producer
Bianca Montagner | Composer


Emily Keagan, Lucy Paterson, Hen O'Brien, Harry Nerouppos, & Alice Pryor