🌴 Sea Glint

A new play about going home | Work in development

🌴 Sea Glint
Photo by Christian Bass / Unsplash
In this town nestled between rainforest and sea, home is as fleeting as the tide.

Sea Glint is back on the coast for a reunion. It’s been ten years since he left, and everything’s impossibly different but still suffocatingly the same. He’s out of his depth, with a decade of gossip to catch up on and stories to share. But amongst all the births, marriages, deaths, and divorces is the first boy he ever loved, just as obnoxiously breathtaking as the night of their first kiss.

His 48 hours in paradise take him on a wistful journey through the memories that haunt him, the lives he could have led, and the loose threads left to tie up. He’s drowning, caught within an aching past and a boundless future—turning into a ghost in the tropical air.

This intimate one man play uproots the notion of home and our drive to leave it all behind. Here, under the shade of the palms and holiday homes, Sea Glint is forced to answer “If ignorance is bliss, why did he ever leave?”

Currently in development