✊ Save Our CTP

Campaign Coordinator 2020 | Monash University

✊ Save Our CTP
Monash’s Dean of Arts, is gutting the Centre for Theatre and Performance without the consultation of the Monash University Academic Board or affected students.

We, the students of the CTP, demand that Professor Sharon Pickering, the Dean of Arts, not go ahead with her shameful attacks to the Theatre & Performance major.

During my studies at Monash University, my faculty, the Centre for Theatre was dissolved as a result of a decision made by the Dean of Arts at the time, Professor Sharon Pickering. A cohort of students and I organised a campaign to save the centre, earning significant media coverage and some concessions from the university.

I led the development and management of our website and digital platforms, which I've archived below.

Media Coverage

Canon fodder: Monash cuts to music studies draw chorus of protest
More than 70 scholars from universities including Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge have urged Monash Uni to reverse a decision to scrap some music units under plans to shed 277 full-time jobs.
NoCookies | The Australian
‘Disaster’ stalks Australia’s arts courses in pandemic
Experts lament ‘death by a thousand cuts’ amid fears Covid redundancy schemes could finish off pared back programmes
‘Death of a thousand cuts’: theatre degree closures could wipe out future generations of Australian performers
Directors and arts educators say cuts to drama courses across nation will hit regional students especially hard
Performing arts lose their starring role as university cuts start to bite
Monash’s reputation as a leading light in theatre and music is in jeopardy as a lack of funding forces job cuts.
Why Australia could be left with a ‘generation gap of artists’
With the closure of Monash’s Centre for Theatre and Performance and funding cuts that threaten youth and emerging performing arts organisations, this could be ‘doomsday’ for performing arts.
‘I feel like I’ve been cheated’: proposed axing of Monash courses provokes dismay
Monash University has announced plans to close its Centre for Theatre and Performance, including associated redundancies. The School of Music is also being targeted.
The Final Act: Monash University confirms theatre major has been dropped
MOJO News is an independent media organisation run by Monash University’s journalism and media communication students.
The centre cannot hold
The proposed closure of Monash University’s CTP is a devastating blow to Australian theatre culture, says Robert Reid
Death of a community and birthplace of ideas
Readers discuss issues relating to universities.
Australian universities to cut hundreds of courses as funding crisis deepens
Macquarie University to abolish entire degrees in maths and science, while Monash University to slash 103 subjects
Clare O’Neil on Instagram: “Every single member of Scott Morrison’s cabinet went to university, but now those same people are determined to make it harder for the next generation to get an education, with legislation passed that will see the cost of some degrees double.⁣ ⁣ All this while young Australians suffer the devastating economic impacts of our first recession in 30 years. What an absolute disgrace.⁣ ⁣ The Morrison Government’s policies and decisions during this crisis - including the exclusion of so many young people and university staff from JobKeeper - have had a huge impact on Monash University in the heart of my electorate. I will continue to stand with the students, staff and community of Monash Uni and hold this Government to account for the people they are leaving behind.”
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