👑 Macbeth

Co-Director — 2019 | Monash MPavilion

👑 Macbeth
Bloody. Bold. Resolute. Out of the wreckage of a brutal war, Macbeth rises to power. Ancient forces foreshadow his future, yet it is his wife who provokes it into being. Desire blurs reality, propelling this ill-suited couple to greatness and onwards to their downfall.

Something’s been lost in translation in the 500 years since Shakespeare wrote his cursed play. Language has evolved, theatre has changed, but weak men still take power and our innate wicked desires remain. What will it take to overthrow them?

Hang those who talk of fear: This is Macbeth.

Macbeth, staged at the Monash MPavilion, was a devised adaptation. We took Shakespeare’s story—and his best lines—and turned it into an hour and a half of easy to access Shakespeare. There were puppets, snacks, live music, and fencing. At the time, it was Monash MPavilion’s most attended event since opening.


Jaimi Houston | Co-Director
Ryan Hamilton | Co-Director & Producer
Kelly Wilson | Stage Manager
Kitty Malam | Costume Design
Daniel Coldebella | Lighting Design
Bianca Montagner | Composer/Musical Director


Aileen Lau, Amanda Dhammanarachchi, Amelia Sheppard, Ashley Conlan, Bee Montagner, Ellen Ma, Haralambous Nerouppos, Caitlin Harry, Rachael Vassalo, Sarah Matthews, Tayla Harry, Yunkai Wang